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Why Digital Twins Are Important For Commercial Real Estate?

The IoT and machine learning have fostered a transformative technology called the digital twin. First used in the manufacturing sector, now it is widely adopted in real estate as it helps building owners and managers  maintain buildings.

The desire for a digital replica of a building and its assets emerged from rather critical cases. During the design and construction stages, lots of valuable information is produced: documentation, drawings, and notes.

All this information is filed. If a problem with the building occurs, a building manager spends plenty of time trying to find the right document for a particular area and then correlating the infrastructure with the problem in question. And let’s not forget, the building occupants have to wait and suffer from the problem all this time.

A digital twin is the ultimate real-time database of the building ecosystem. Within hours, the building operators identify the area that needs reconfiguration and find the most cost-effective ways to do it.

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