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About us

We share a commitment to exceeding expectations and an authority in enterprise modeling and simulation to break new ground for the industry by simplifying modeling devices and systems by means of the digital twins’ concept and using machine learning algorithms.

I4twins provides flexible and reliable data collection, aggregation, visualization features, and testing of all Components of industry 4.0 solutions to help understand and quantify vast amounts of sensor data. Also, i4Twins supports all connectivity and standard protocols in order to create an integrated network of sensors and gateways.

i4Twins helps non-programmer users to design customizable dashboards and create rules and projects tailored to needs without dependency on the software development team or having a deep knowledge of programming languages.
i4Twins’s drag-and-drop tool brings the power of designing flexible, scalable, customizable industrial software solutions to the hands of front-line engineers without coding language expertise.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to change the face of the industrial automation industry and make this possible for various stakeholders such as industry owners, operational managers, maintenance service providers companies, and companies that produce or supply industrial equipment to be able to serve software solutions to their clients according to their needs.

We intend to be the most popular solution in the world to provide No-Code/Low-Code dashboard designers for all industrial and non-industrial use cases.

About Us

i4Twins is a game-changing solution to provide the bridge the gap between the PHYSICAL and DIGITAL WORLD.


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