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Why I4Twins

Our services come with everything you need to create any kind of industrial and non-industrial dashboards. i4Twins’s CT Portal combines a rich component library, easy data-binding, as well as powerful tools for drawing and scripting, into one fully-integrated development environment.


A large choice of hardware boards.


Different communication technologies.

Open Tools

Deploy and run your experiments with our web portal, automate with the CLI tools or make direct calls to our open API.

Digital Twin

i4Twins Support three digital twin types based on these patterns: Status Twin, Operational Twin, and Simulation Twin.

Virtual Lab

a completely online browser-based electronic prototyping workspace. It enables developers to develop IoT firmware and applications in browsers on common embedded hardware platforms.


It has filled with ready SDKs, APIs, devices, services, and … that enable you to find, test, buy and deploy your industry 4.0 solutions.

Reduce Time To Market

Providing quality professionally designed pre-built projects, to choose from.

Open Platform

An open-access solution to run your experiment on our platform.

Open Software

Build your application without any dependency requirement. Develop from scratch, or based on open-source libraries.

Cloud MQTT Broker

Connect to the MQTT broker instance and start publishing/receiving messages with your devices using the MQTT protocol.


Develop your firmware with your favorite OS.


Run your experiment on different physical topologies.

Simple Language

i4Twins provides a simple language to describe industry 4.0 capabilities.


The i4Twins Repository is an open platform to share and manage all descriptions.


Combination of artificial intelligence technology and practical applications.

About Us

i4Twins is a game-changing solution to provide the bridge the gap between the PHYSICAL and DIGITAL WORLD.


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