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Why your business needs LOW-CODE development solutions

This article discussed a definition of What is low-code? Why is low-code going mainstream? Do you need to get into low code? How can your business benefit from low-code app development?

No-code development requires zero lines of code and no technical expertise. Developers or enterprise power users can make the most of the no-code platforms to create simple, standardized solutions for their daily problems. With no coding, there’s little to no chance of customization or complex features.

Low-code development relies on the same visual modeling principle and drag-and-drop interface as no-code platforms but introduces increased flexibility thanks to coding capabilities. While low-code platforms may seem a bit overcrowded with features for developers, IT professionals can successfully use them to speed up the development process.

Despite their differences, these two categories are getting increasingly connected. No-code platforms offer coding capabilities, while low-code solutions reduce the amount of coding necessary. Considering their broad capabilities and user pool, let’s focus on low-code platforms for this overview.

Don’t think low-code software means developers are no longer necessary. Think of it as the next step to the development automation that takes care of all the routine, mundane tasks and frees up the engineers’ time for creative and complex tasks that give the finished product that much-needed oomph.


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