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The industrial metaverse as a digital twin

Industrial metaverse applications run the gamut from digital twins to AI proving grounds.

A lot of conversation in business and leisure around the metaverse focuses on its entertainment and commerce possibilities. But that’s the tip of the iceberg, when it comes to monetizing the metaverse. The market for industrial applications is nascent, but promises explosive growth as metaverse tech itself becomes more widely deployed and available.

Like metaverse itself, “industrial metaverse” has become a catch-all phrase to describe similar technology deployed for industrial applications. The Industrial metaverse sits at the crossroads of industrial Internet of Things (IoT), AR, MR, and Virtual Reality (VR) for industrial use, the creation of “digital twins,” and the rich, blending of real-world elements with contextualized and meaningful data to help decision makers stay better informed and to keep business processes operating at peak efficiency.

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