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Smart Home Solution Integrators

Smart home solution integrators most of the time have difficulty serving their service to the customers who need specific graphical interfaces. there are a bunch of different smart home brands and each one has its software for configuration and visualization. solution integrators face two main issues: First, most of the software is unable to Gain customer satisfaction for the demanded graphical interface and they cannot be customizable based on customer needs. second, existing smart home software needs great effort and deep expertise to design an end-user dashboard.


4Twins Plan Designer is a rapid development environment that enables solution integrators to build customized applications based on Drag and Drop tools and without coding. i4Twins Plan Designer allows them to create a good-looking unique interface to realize your customers’ wishes. With the help of i4Twins Plan Designer, you can integrate control with professional smart home systems and IoT devices, and create amazing visualization interfaces with unique graphics to Impress your clients.


thanks to i4twins Plan Designer, solution integrators can reduce their service delivery time as well as their cost of development in the best possible way. on the other hand, the end-user will be happier to receive high-quality service with the lowest cost and in the shortest possible time.

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