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How Using Low-Code/No-Code Platforms Makes Manufacturing More Agile

Low-code development could increase the agility of quickly deploying new custom software to fill operational gaps and digitize clunky paper processes. It’s a new paradigm that usually has some sort of fit within most industries.

“With a low-code approach, developers can easily deliver flexible and efficient applications for various device types, including smartphones, tablets, and workplace computers  something critical in manufacturing floors  where employees are not in front of a computer,” Thomas Grandperrin.

For years now, manufacturing has been evolving toward Industry 4.0. The factory floor is significantly automated, but looping in IT to build custom solutions could introduce a bottleneck. Instead, low-code/no-code provides a way for operators to develop their own solutions in less time.

This agility is accomplished by leveraging pre-defined reusable software blocks. Low-code software development platforms typically offer a graphical user interface (GUI) for citizen developers to stitch together simple applications and program events-based logic. Such environments also make integrating data from various sources more seamless, thus lowering the barrier for integration.

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