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Driving value with Descriptive Digital Twins

 This article discussed a definition and framework for Digital Twins consistent with how customers are using Digital Twins in their applications. In particular, we described a Digital Twin leveling index to help customers understand their use cases and the technologies needed to achieve the business value they are seeking. This Digital Twin leveling index is analogous to what we see in the self-driving cars space which uses an L0 through L5 system, where L0 is manual driving, L1 is cruise control, and L5 is a true autonomous self-driving car with no steering wheel.

This blog, will illustrate the L1 Descriptive level by walking through an example of an electric vehicle (EV). You will learn, through the example use cases, about the data, models, technologies, AWS services, and business processes needed to create and support an L1 Descriptive Digital Twin solution.

An L1 Digital Twin focuses on describing the physical system and includes content ranging from the initial business case analysis and product requirements to the detailed engineering design and 3D visualizations. The intent of an L1 Digital Twin is to describe the structure so that the user can understand the components and the relationship between those components that make up the physical system. In many cases, for L1 Digital Twins, the physical system doesn’t exist yet as it is still during the early design phase. Alternatively, the physical system might exist, and the L1 Digital Twin is used to understand the average behavior of the physical system under a specific set of operating conditions (such as in a computational fluid dynamic or solid mechanics analysis). Examples of L1 Descriptive Digital Twins that we’ll describe below include 1/ asset models, 2/ engineering design, and 3/ immersive virtual reality environments.

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