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Digital Twin for Asset Tracking

Digital twins empower businesses and stakeholders to see their assets in a new way. Beyond the physical form and function of an asset, digital twins provide insightful data about its place in the greater operational picture. What’s the current value of the 2019 Sprinter Van parked outside? When was the copy machine last serviced by the OEM? Where is the fourth-floor A/V cart right now? Digital twins bring visibility to assets in a much broader sense of the word.

Combined with the IoT and automation, businesses have even more opportunities to make assets go further. From proactive and preventive maintenance to better decision-making about using them, asset tracking through a twin means more mindful management.

Digital Twin comes from the three pillars of functionality: model, simulate, and manage. Every optimization, improvement, maintenance, and building oversight task run through a digital twin comes backed by data and insights that make it a smart one. Instead of relying on static data, digital twins allow decision-making and facilities management to be as real-time as the facilities themselves.

Whether it’s tracking usage or optimizing efficiency, digital twins provide much-needed insight for critical assets big and small.


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