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Dashboard Designer

With our Dashboard Designer solution, define user interfaces according to different types of users and their specific needs. Sometimes users need only a simple user interface including maps, tables, and graphs, but most of the time, large industries require tools with higher visualization capabilities such as, designing SCADA systems or even require 3D models, to simulate complex systems such as large industrial motors. Fortunately, powerful software modules are available in i4twins and all these requirements will be covered properly, and these types of industries will no longer need to use several different software to meet each of their requirements.

Project Designer

Thanks to i4Twins Project Designer, you can design out-of-the-box end-user dashboards and share them using a simple link that everyone can access without the need to register on i4Twins. design a menu, set languages selector, lest or right alignment, and bind all sections to each other, everything is easily configurable.

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i4Twins-Dashboard Designer-Monitoring Dashboard

Monitoring Dashboard

i4Twins offers a beautiful dashboard Create with no-code and easy-to-use dashboard Editor. use a number of Drag & Drop widgets on a grid-based designer and set configuration using an easy Web-Interface without knowing Programming skills. Build full-featured dashboards with our templates developed by our field application experts and deploy your dashboards in minutes or customize them according to your needs.

Form Builder

i4Twins Form Builder is a metadata-driven, future-proof form that requires minimal coding efforts. You can create basic forms for migration from paper forms to electronic forms, to a complex line of business applications. Within the Designer, it is a drag and drops experience to layout the Form controls and fields, and connect the Form to its targeted data sources. Since you create functionality through configuration, the skillset required to work with i4Twin is significantly simpler as compared to custom development using the code. The forms created in i4Twins Form Builder can easily be integrated with other monitoring dashboards, so there is no need to use some software in organizations.

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i4Twins-Dashboard Designer-Plan Designer

Plan Designer

i4Twins Plan Designer is a rapid development environment that enables both integrators and IT organizations to build customized applications based on Drag and Drop tools and without coding. i4Twins Plan Designer allows you to create a good-looking unique interface to realize your customers’ wishes. With the help of i4Twins Plan Designer, you can integrate control with professional automation systems and IoT devices, and create amazing visualization interfaces with unique graphics to Impress Your Clients.

SCADA Designer

i4Twins SCADA Designer is a web based SCADA platform, and enable you to control/monitor your SCADA systems everywhere around the world. i4Twins SCADA Designer is the easy SCADA designed for your easy usage, it can save your valuable time and effort in getting your project up and running. Unlike some traditional SCADA that uses raster images that could pixelated when enlarged, i4Twins SCADA Designer adopted SVG which allows you to have scalable and surreal graphics despite different resolutions or how many times you zoom in. i4Twins SCADA Designer is built-in with a native web server that supports HTML and CSS. But don’t worry, there is no extra knowledge required from you in order to enjoy the stunning outcome. There is no limited selection, we leave the freedom to you, to draw and construct the SCADA/HMI scenes any way you want.

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i4Twins-Dashboard Designer-3D Designer

3D Designer

In scenarios where every detail matters—industrial plant management, design review for assets (such as truck engines), preoperative surgery planning, and more—3D visualization brings that detail to life. i4Twins 3D Designer helps designers, engineers, doctors, and students better understand complex information and make the right call. i4Twins 3D Designer creates a digital twin graph that combines the relationships between virtual representations of users’ physical systems and connected data sources. This allows users to accurately model their real-world environment. Users can also import existing 3D models (for example, CAD files) to arrange 3D scenes of physical space, such as a factory.

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